Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Perspective: American Democracy is Alive and Well

Charles Krauthammer’s article entitled “American Democracy” which appeared in the Bradford ERA on Friday March 24th is right on and should be required reading for all those naysayers who fear that President Trump is the new Hitler. Quoting Krauthammer “Turns out that the much feared, much predicted withering of our democratic institutions has been grossly exaggerated. The strong man cometh, it was feared. Who and what would stop him? Two months into the Trumpian era, we have our answer Our checks and balances have turned out to be quite vibrant.”

 Let me summarize the points that Krauthammer cites to support his case.

  1. The Courts stopped Trump’s temporary ban for undocumented immigrants coming from the countries that President Obama had labeled as dangerous was to develop a stronger vetting process. Although the President has the Constitutional authority to take this action, and the Law by Congress supports it, as well, President Trump is permitting the case to go through the lower Courts where it will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court.
  2. The States Republican Governors have been pressuring Congress to oppose the President’s health care reform.
  3. The Congress, having Republican majorities in both houses, would not support the President’s proposed health care reform bill.
  4. The Media is clearly the opposition party, with their front pages covered with anti-Trump editorializing, presented as news. This in contrast as to how the Media lavishingly worshiped Obama.
You add this up and you find that the keys to the separation of powers that the Founding Fathers created in our Democratic Republic are functioning as they should despite what the anti-Trump groups claim Trump is doing to destroy our system.

Put this together with the way “We the People” chose Trump to be our president, via the Electoral College, also a Founding Fathers creation, and you have a system that we can be proud of and should support instead of disparaging with the foulest language one could imagine.

Finally, there are two more things that need to be said to understand President Trump. First and foremost, is that he did not run as a third party candidate as did Ross Perou and Pat Buchanan. Instead he ran as a Republican and won all the way not because the Party high-ups wanted him, because they did everything they could to defeat him, but because “We the People” overcame the Republican establishment and elected him fair and square as our President.

Secondly, is that Trump speaks bluntly and to the point. This is the way the ordinary person in the “We the People” crowd speaks. For example Trump will say, “President Obama wire tapped me”. That is not precisely correct because Obama did not personally break into Trump Tower and place a bug under Trump’s dinning room table.

But consider what probably happened. A Fisa Court approved a surveillance of foreign spies which when implemented probably caught Trump people talking to the people the Fisa Court had approved to be surveyed. Michael Flynn was such a person who was exposed. Who sought the Fisa Court approval? Oh, that was someone high up in the Obama Administration. Ask yourself where the “Buck” stops? President Harry Truman told us: “In the Oval Office on the President’s desk”.  Period. 

Ergo did the Administration order a “wire tap”,i.e, a Fisa Court Warrant, and was it Obama? The answer, it was equivalent to a wire tap, and if the ‘buck stops there”, it was Obama.

Now ask yourself this question. How many citizens know what a Fisa Court is let alone what it does? Fisa stands for “foreign intelligence surveillance”, and it is a court warrant permitting the government to survey foreign spies in the United States. The answer is very very few ordinary persons know. Now, ask yourself, how often you have heard the elite Media tell you what Fisa means. Never.

 Now ask who knows what wire tapping is? “We the People” know what precisely that wire tapping is to survey persons who are suspected of wrong doing. The super educated journalist school graduate only understands precise language. That is why they missed the Trump movement. They never bothered to talk to “We the People” in their language.


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