Monday, December 12, 2016

Perspective: At Last!!!

We Americans have indeed received a great Christmas Present. The gift is that our democratic form of government created by the brilliant Founders is working. The Country was headed for the cliff, and the polls showed that 70 % of the People knew it. However, for the first time in decades, the People followed the Founders’ plan as expressed in the Declaration; namely, that when any Government fails to protect the People’s inalienable rights, it is the right of the People to alter that Government. Tuesday, November 8, 2016 the People chose to alter that failed Government! We the People indeed took charge, and by by-passing both political parties, chose a leader who We the People thought could deal with the problems We, the working class, have had to deal  with.  Remarkably it did not require a revolution; it was done by simply employing the peaceful ballot box.

For four decades both Established Political Parties have exploited the working class to the point where 90 million of them are not even counted in the work force any more. 70,000 factories have been shut down, and the work was shipped overseas, and everyone knew it. Except, and this is key, no one in the Media or the Political Establishment claimed to know it. Much worse, they seemed not to give a damn. And then Donald Trump came along! He understood their plight and articulated their concerns in language they understood. Now, the People have spoken!

What is amazing is that Donald Trump did not set up a Third Party, as he might have. Instead he worked within the Republican Party. The People heard him, and they elected him State by State through the Primary until he became the Republican Candidate. Then during the Presidential election campaign, while the Media and both established Republican and Democrat Parties, tried everything possible to destroy him, the People ignored that, and State by State gave him the Electoral Votes to make him the Winner.

But Trump was not the only Winner. Trump’s coattails saved the Republican Senate. So that now, the Republican Party has been saved! Not that it deserved to be saved considering that the Party leaders repudiated Trump and did everything imaginable to defeat him, including reneging on the pledges by individuals to support the Party’s candidate.

Responding to the needs of the working class, Trump is choosing his Cabinet Members to focus on the very problems the working class knows about and the ones he identified in his campaign.

The Country is the true Winner, and all Americans should be thankful, especially in this Christmas Season!!


Merry Christmas to all!!