Monday, October 24, 2016

Perspective: The Time Has Come to Decide!

No more procrastination! You have to decide. We have two candidates running for the office of President. One was chosen by “we the people” as the Republican Party’s candidate; the other was forced upon us by the “Establishment” of the Democrat Party.  The candidate chosen by the people has been leading a “movement” that focuses on the issues the people care about; namely, preserving and creating viable jobs in the global and digital environment, protecting us from Radical Islamic Terrorists and identifying Supreme Court Justices who will uphold the Constitution. Both the Established Parties and the Media have ignored the “peoples’ plight for decades. Worse, the Media and both Established Parties are now doing everything they can to destroy the candidate chosen by the people.

The peoples’ candidate is new to politics and does not always speak the politically-correct language of the professional politicians.  However, the language employed spells out the problems and proposed solutions in unequivocally clear language that is fully understood by the working class. Moreover, the peoples’ candidate is a natural leader, an expert problem solver, an assembler of teams that have accomplished important goals on schedule and often below budget.

The other candidate has years of experience in government but seems unable to complete the tasks at hand, and never on time or on budget. More problematic is that, under this candidate’s direction, the Middle East has disintegrated which caused ISIS to rise. Further, the economy is anemic due to policies this professional supports. Worse this candidate believes the Constitution can be bent to relate to today’s issues without concern for adhering to historic principals.

The plans of the two candidates stand in stark contrast to one another. The peoples’ choice candidate’s plan would incentivize private industry to stay in the US and make further job- producing investments. This plan would unleash the job-creating private industry from the shackles of high and non-competitive taxes in a global economy and would radically reduce the rising number of unproductive regulations. In addition these actions will bring back the trillions of dollars the companies have left overseas to be applied as US investments that will increase the growth rate of the economy.

The other would tax the rich, i.e. the business owners, to make them less competitive in the global market. It calls for increased regulations, as well. This will incentivize private industry to leave the US, and move their investments overseas. This not only includes factories but company head quarters, as well. Many companies have already moved their head quarters to Ireland to escape US tax and regulations. What must be understood is that in a global economy, a company can survive anywhere. For example, even Wall Street does not have to be in New York City. It could work anywhere. Meanwhile, the trillions of dollars raised from the higher taxes will be distributed to society at large. This will require the regulatory bureaucracy to add government workers at the tax payer’s expense.

As mentioned at the beginning, the Main Stream Media are doing everything they can to destroy the peoples’ candidate. The record shows that 90 % of their newspaper, radio and TV news coverage is spent reporting on each and every picayune detail of the candidate’s life and business. Often they will discover an item that occurred decades ago and time its reporting to maximize its negative impact. Meanwhile, the Media spends less spends less than 10 percent of its time reporting the massive amounts of factual and damaging information uncovered by Wikileaks about the competitor’s activities that are certainly unethical and probably criminal.

So,  for whom should you cast your vote this coming November? You know!!

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