Sunday, August 21, 2016

Perspective: The Sad Shape of the Political Parties and the Media

None of us alive has ever seen anything like this Presidential season! When have you ever seen the ordinary voters choose their candidate in the primary election? You haven’t! The party elite doe’s that! It even used to be done in “smoke filled” rooms. Then the “party-picked” candidate was placed on the ballot for the general election. This 2015-16 go around is radically different. 

On the Republican side, a non-politician named Donald Trump got his name on the Republican list along with 16 other outstanding Republican candidates. However, in State after State the Republican voters chose Trump over the other 16 highly qualified establishment candidates. Frustrated, and try as they might, the Republican establishment could not overcome the wishes of these ordinary voters, who in historic numbers, turned out to unequivocally make Trump their nominee.

On the Democrat side, an independent, not a Democrat, Bernie Sanders got on the short list of Democrat candidates. The Democrat voters, including the Millennials and first time voters, seized this opportunity to vote for a non-establishment candidate, and they did so in huge numbers. Unfortunately their wishes were thwarted by the Democrat party rules which awarded “Super Delegates” to the Party’s favored choice, Hillary Clinton. This made it virtually impossible for Bernie Sanders to become the Democrat voter’s choice. However, he still might have won had the Democrat party management not tilted the scales further. This year the Democrat party leader, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and her colleagues, were caught red-handed when their e-mails were hacked showing how hard they worked to disparage and defeat Sanders. Wasserman-Schultz was fired for it.

What is the result? The ordinary voters of the Republican Party got the leader they wanted, namely, Donald Trump. By contrast, the ordinary voters of the Democrat party were told they would get the candidate the Party chose no matter how flawed, how big a failure or how lacking in integrity that candidate was already been known to be. That candidate is Hillary Clinton.

We have seen how despicable and un-American the behavior of the Democrat Party leadership behavior has been. But as bad as it has been, it pales in comparison to that of the behavior of the Republican Party Establishment. Instead of welcoming the ordinary voter’s choice of this new leader who ran as a Republican not an independent, and garnered historic numbers of voters to the party, they reneged on their publicly spoken vow to support the Republican Party’s nominee. Unimaginatively worse, they are now working actively and hand in hand with the Media to defeat their own Party’s candidate overwhelmingly chosen by the Party’s ordinary voters.

The corruptness of both established political parties has been exposed. And we have learned that both established parties have ignored the plight of the ordinary voters for decades. These ordinary voters make up the majority of the Middle Class and are largely high-school graduates whose jobs have been taken away by unfair trade agreements, robotization and illegal immigrants. The politically correct establishment Politicians and the Media rarely, if ever, talk to these people. They have been ignored by the political system until this year when outsider candidates appeared who understood their plight, spoke their language and weren’t afraid to call a spade a spade.  

What is historic and amazing is that these ordinary Republican voters overcame the Republican Party hierarchy to get their choice, and the ordinary Democrat voters came close to overcoming the Democrat Party hierarchy, as well.

Aiding this phenomenon is the new Media, namely Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Apple sold its billionth copy of the hand-held Smart Phone this year which makes the information available via these hand-held devices to nearly everyone of these ordinary voters. This genie will not be placed back in the bottle, and we are on a new path for the politics of our Democratic Republic. It is too bad that the Media and the Political Establishment still don’t get it, and are likely to be in for a shock, if the ordinary voters of both Parties remain adamant enough to come out and vote in unprecedented numbers, this will be the new norm!

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